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Back to school can be a joyous time for parents but it can also be a busy time collecting all the back to school requirements. As a mother of an 8 and 11-year-old, as well as being an Aunty to teenagers, I understand the pressure on parents to refresh supplies. So, I have put together a back to school list to protect our most loved one’s skin for all of the busy health conscious mums out there.

Products For The School Bag.

Green Juice recovery balm
This pot of healing goodness is 100% natural and is perfect for grazed knees, insect bites, wind dried cheeks and chapped lips. The essential fatty acid rich berry oils will help strengthen the skin against eczema and irritation and can even be used as a night time moisturiser and lip balm.

Sun Juice SPF 15 natural sun screen
A good SPF is a much needed essential for protecting our children’s skin from damaging UV rays. However, unnatural chemical UV SPFs can cause redness, irritation and breakouts.
Schools now have a ‘no hat no play’ policy, however a good quality natural moisturising SPF should still be applied daily before play and during break time.

Sun Juice is a natural mineral based physical SPF. These factors are important as they mean it does not contain irritating UV filters like those found in chemical based SPFs. Instead, Sun Juice’s non nano particle zinc based physical SPF protection allows it to safely reflect the sun’s rays from the skin. Along with zinc.
this SPF also contains superfood ingredients to help boost the skins natural protection against the sun’s damaging effects.

Liquid spot treatment
When our children get older hormones kick in and cause the sebaceous glands that produce sebum, otherwise known as oil, to become more active. The oil production becomes more viscous and not as fluid, which can lead to the oil becoming blocked within the pores and cause congestion. Pimples will then occur with the introduction of bacteria.
Liquid is in a handy tube and can be used as a spot treatment. This all natural and gentle formula will refine and dissolve excess oil within the pores by using a special ingredient called mandelic acid, which is derived from sweet almonds. Redness and inflammation is also reduced with a healthy dose of antioxidant rich totoral. This potent ingredient is extracted from recycled wood from New Zealand’s Podocarps totara tree and is clinically proven to fight acne causing bacteria.
Ensure you apply an SPF after Liquid if using in the morning.

Juice Detox natural deodorant paste
From about the age of 9 our precious poppets can start to smell, quite badly too! Let’s be kind to their teachers and introduce a natural deodorant such as Juice Detox.
Deodorants differ to antiperspirants as they allow the body to maintain the healthy function of sweating while still working on the skin’s surface to kill the odour causing bacteria with antibacterial ingredients. Antiperspirants contain harmful chemicals that are absorbed into the body and disrupt the way the body naturally functions. This 100% natural formula uses superfine powders and clays, as well as organic coconut, lime and lemon myrtle, to absorb moisture, inhibit bacteria and ensure long-lasting freshness.

Please note: Juice Detox contains Sodium Bicarbonate to help neutralise the odour causing bacteria. However in a small percentage of people it may cause some skin sensitivity. If this does occur please contact us directly and discontinue using the product.

Charcoal Spud Sponge face cleanser
Ok, this one isn’t for the school bag but it’s the perfect tool to cleanse their grubby little faces after school. What you choose to cleanse with will depend on the age of your child. The Spud Sponge is an all-natural charcoal infused Konjac fiber sponge. It comes dehydrated and will expand into squishy awesomeness once in water.Massaging this sponge over the face while in the shower or bath will help exfoliate and detoxify the skin.
Spud Sponge also plays nicely with Skin Juice cleanses and can be used to remove cleansers after they have been applied directly to the skin. It can be hard as a mother to know what cleanser is right for your child and it is so important to not strip or over dry our children’s skin with harsh cleansing products as these will cause overstimulation and create more oil production.
Smudge Budge cleansing balm is perfect for the not-so-oily or for the tweens, while Pulp Detox cleansing paste suits teens with very oily skin and breakouts.

So, as the school holidays draw to a close, I wish you all the best for a positive and healthy year of school.
May we teach our kids to be kind to others and to be brave and pave their own way.
Love to all.


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