It’s that time of the year again when many of us are travelling to take time out from the busy year that has been and reconnect with friends and family. With so many beautiful destinations and experiences to be enjoyed it’s important to feel your best and keep your skin healthy and protected. 

Here are my skin care tips so you can get your healthiest holiday glow yet.

Keep Hydrated

Did you know the skin is made up of 64% water? Water helps to remove waste and toxins from the body while also carrying essential nutrients to the cells to support their vital functions.

Hydration gives the skin that youthful, plump and radiant glow. Without water the skin will feel dry, tight and become flaky as the skin cells will basically shrivel up and die. Water is the perfect replacement for expensive anti-ageing treatments as it replenishes healthy skin tissue and increases elasticity.

Water is also your skins natural exfoliator. It activates an enzyme which helps dead and dying skin cells to disconnect and shed. When this process cannot occur the skin becomes dull, as lifeless cells block the bright new cells from emerging through. 

We loose water every single day and unfortunately even if we drink 8 glasses our other organs will often claim the water before our skin can.

However we can hydrate directly through the skin by feeding it specialised ingredients that enhance moisture. Look for ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid and FucoGel, which is proven to increase the moisture levels in the skin by 44% within the first hour of application, providing immediate, deep and long lasting hydration. FucoGel also helps relieve the spread of inflammation.

To protect hydration levels we should use natural oils and balms that are rich in essential fatty acids, especially Omega 3 and 6. These essential fatty acids and lipids support the skins natural barrier and protect against water lose caused from the drying and dehydrating environment.

Sun Protection 

Holidays are going to expose your skin to more sun then you’ve possibly had while being tucked away inside for the best part of the year. SPF protection is very important, however shielding yourself from direct sun is the best course of action. It’s important to shield your skin from the sun with physical protection such as a big wide brimmed hat, long sleeve kaftans, or rash shirts also work well.

High rating SPFs usually contain chemical UV absorbers and I’m personally not a fan. These chemical filters are applied to the skin to absorb UV radiation, preventing it from penetrating the skin, however over time these filters can slowly break down and release heat which can lead to sensitivity or reactions.

Mineral based SPFs such as zinc give the skin healthy physical protection. Make sure you reapply every couple of hours and don’t miss any spots. Most SPFs don’t survive time in the water, so again, reapply if you’re in the water for lengthy periods and always after getting out. An extra tip is to look for SPFs with antioxidants as these will help neutralise free radical damage from the sun.

After Sun 

The sun will dry and dehydrate the skin so it’s important to rehydrate. The extra stimulation from the sun and heat may also make your skin feel hotter and look red.

The sun is like a cooker so your skins protective oils will evaporate and dry. Using a healthy, non-synthetic, plant based oil or balm after sun exposure will rebuild the skins natural protective barrier to keep it at its glowing, healthy holiday best.

Make Up

Holidays usually aren’t the time to plaster on makeup. However, we all like a little colour or coverage. Ditch the primers as they are designed to secure your foundation and often contain drying ingredients. Foundations also often contain silicones which will coat the skin, causing it to become blocked and dehydrated.

With 40+ degree days we don’t want anymore layers to heat us up, so try a light tinted moisturising SPF as an all-in-one. Keep it easy so you can spend more time relaxing. A little mascara or a salon lash tint, along with a natural tinted lip balm will have you glowing and ready to go.

If you have a celebration and plan to wear heavier make-up then don’t forget to cleanse before bed. You don’t want to leave last night on your pillow or blocking your pores.

Skin Smoothers

Unfortunately the summer fry can leave the skin dry and rough. A little exfoliating help, including body exfoliation and a gentle salon facial peel or an at home facial exfoliation or peel, can give you that ultra smooth glow. Remember, whatever you remove you must give back. A nice facial hydrating product and an oil or balm will nourish newly exfoliated skin. For the body, keep it moisturised with a natural peg and palm oil free body cream.


Inside My Holiday Bag you will find:

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Berry Buff Body Scrub

Berry Buff – This body scrub smoothes out dry and flaky skin $30


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Following these simple tips will ensure your skin survives the holiday heat and you maintain that ready to go glow. Find your closest salon with our Store Finder or purchase online.

Happy holidays everyone


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