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Skin Juice Christmas

This Christmas, what could be better than giving friends and loved ones a beautiful, healthy gift that will nourish, nurture and spoil them? Skin Juice has everything you need to share a natural skincare experience with the special people in your life, with gifts that are guaranteed to leave them with a gorgeous healthy glow.

From mums to mums-to-be, guys to grandparents, teens to teachers, and even a few treats for yourself, our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide is packed with aromatic skincare treats that are safe for everyone. Australian-made and free from harmful chemicals, our delectable organic products are the perfect way to share the healthy gift of wellness this festive season.

Gift Ideas for Mum

Treat mum like a goddess this Christmas, by gifting her a delicious skincare experience from Skin Juice that’s natural, healthy, aromatic and beautiful.

Calm Me – Ultimate Skin Diet: $205

For a supremely soothing gift for mum, opt for Calm Me – Ultimate Skin Diet for sensitive, irritated and reactive skin. All-natural, skin-strengthening plant formulas nurture and comfort fragile skin, to restore blissful calm.

  • Calm Me – Ultimate Skin Diet includes: Smudge Budge Cleansing Balm; Bio Juice Skin Drink; Quench Juice Face Cream; Green Juice Skin-Saver Balm; Sun Juice SPF 15 Tinted Moisturiser; Juice Detox Deodorant

Nourish Me – Ultimate Skin Diet: $265

If dry and dehydrated skin is one of mum’s concerns, she’ll adore Nourish Me – Ultimate Skin Diet. Bursting with precious plant oils, these beautifully rich, high-performance products will leave her with a radiant, dewy glow­.

  • Nourish Me – Ultimate Skin Diet includes: Drench Cleansing Oil; Bio Juice Skin Drink; Flower Juice Face Cream; Superfood Face Oil; Facial in a Jar; Juice Detox Deodorant

*Juicy Crew Top Pick*

Sun Juice Tinted Moisturiser: $49

Packed with superfood ingredients, this nutrient-rich tinted moisturiser is a natural SPF complete with gorgeous earthy and sweet aromas ­– a perfect stocking-filler!

“I use Sun Juice Tinted every day! Not only does it provide healthy protection from the sun, but it feeds my skin potent antioxidants, evens out my skin tone and leaves me with a dewy glow – plus, it gives my skin light natural coverage without make-up”. Aless, Juicy Crew 

Gift Ideas for Best Friends

Give your bestie or sister a gift that will supercharge her skin and leave her glowing this Christmas, with a deliciously juicy skincare treat that’s (almost) good enough to eat!

Super Fruit Body Cream: $35

Packed full of Australian native fruits, our scrumptious Super Fruit Body Cream deeply nourishes dry skin with its decadently rich butters, while delivering a burst of tantalisingly crisp, sweet aromas.

Juice Drops Body Oil: $55

For a gift that calms body and mind, go for our nurturing Juice Drops Body Oil – this super-nourishing oil hydrates skin, with relaxing scents of vanilla, lemon myrtle and rose to ensure a peaceful night’s beauty sleep.

*Juicy Crew Top Pick*

Green Juice Recovery Balm: $29.50

A rescue balm for stressed-out skin, Green Juice soothes, softens and conditions skin all over, leaving an all-natural glow. Safe for all ages, everyone will love its soothing cucumber and coconut aromas.

“I use Green Juice multiple times a day, mainly as a lip balm but also on my face and nails. It’s a multi-tasker – and when I go away, it means I can travel light!” Penny, Juicy Crew Member

Gift Ideas for Nanna

Make sure nanna knows just how special she is, with a wonderfully fresh and luxurious beauty treat from our all-natural skincare range.

Flower Juice Face Cream: $55

Whatever her age, your nanna will love using our Flower Juice Face Cream. An ultra-rich cream that nourishes dry and thirsty skin, Flower Juice keeps skin plump and soft, with delicate scents of rose and vanilla.

Gift Ideas for Mums-to-Be

Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate new beginnings – and what could be better than treating a beautiful mum-to-be to a healthy, natural skincare experience designed especially for her?

Mummy’s Tummy Stretch Mark Prevention Cream: $35

Carefully formulated to protect and nourish stretching skin, our Mummy’s Tummy Stretch Mark Prevention Cream is naturally fragrant and comes beautifully boxed, making it the perfect gift for growing tummies.

Pregnancy Pod: $69 | Mummy To Be Box: $89.50

Why not treat a special mumma-to-be to her very own decadent bundle of skincare joy? Our Pregnancy Pod and Mummy To Be Box both feature a gorgeous host of healthy, natural and organic skin-loving goodies designed to nurture during pregnancy – all packaged up in a stunning gift box.

  • Pregnancy Pod contains: Mummy’s Tummy Stretch Mark Prevention Cream 200ml; Mummy’s Tummy Moisturising Body Wash 250ml; Green Juice Recovery Balm 15ml
  • Mummy To Be Box contains: Mummy’s Tummy Stretch Mark Prevention Cream 200ml; Mummy’s Tummy Organic Body Wash 250ml; Green Juice Skin Saver Balm 50ml; Coconut Juice Hair Treatment 30ml x 2

Gift Ideas for Teachers 

Say a festive thank you to a special teacher, by sharing a nourishing skincare experience they’ll enjoy on every use.

Perfect Paws Hand + Foot Cream: $26.50

With energising aromas of lemongrass and rosemary, our Perfect Paws Hand + Foot Cream is just the thing to help teachers recharge over the holidays. This non-greasy cream is full of skin-nourishing superfoods.

Healing Hands Kit: $37

A pampering treat for dry cracked hands, our Healing Hands Kit is an ideal choice for busy teachers. This moisture-giving kit comes in a beautiful gift box and contains Perfect Paws Hand + Foot Cream and Green Juice Recovery Balm.


Gift Ideas for Men

Man Brew 2 Pack: $67

Featuring two easy-to-use skincare essentials designed for men, the Man Brew 2 Pack is the perfect choice for effective, low-maintenance skincare. These full-strength brews are bursting with natural superfood-infused ingredients to cleanse and moisturise.

  • Man Brew 2 Pack includes: Wash It Down Cleanser; Thirsty Skin Moisturiser 

Gift Ideas for Teens

 If you’ve got teenagers to buy for this Christmas, we’ve got the perfect gift! Help them start a healthy skincare regime early on, with all-natural products that are safe and free from harmful chemicals.

Lemon Sorbet Treats: $61

Our Lemon Sorbet Treats is sure to be a hit with teens. Featuring fresh, handpicked organic body treats with a zesty citrus aroma, this lively pack even includes a colourful reusable travel bag.

  • Lemon Sorbet Bundle includes: Lemon Sorbet Body Cream 250ml; Lemon Sorbet Body Wash 250ml; Coconut Juice Hair Treatment 30ml x 2; bright reusable travel bag

Berry Buff Body Scrub: $30

Our deliciously fruity Berry Buff Body Scrub is a super skin smoothie, packed with natural fruit acids and crushed walnuts to even out skin tone and leave your teen with a healthy, glowing complexion that’s sure to make them smile!

Berry Buff Body Scrub

Gift Ideas on a Budget

Need gorgeous gift inspiration on a budget? Skin Juice has you covered, with a range of delectable beauty products for under $30!

Vanilla + Honey Face Mask: $25

Give the gift of a soft and smooth complexion with our Vanilla + Honey Face Mask. This moisture whipped mask will hydrate dry skin for a youthful glow, with heavenly aromas of real vanilla and creamy honey.

Lemon Sorbet Body Cream: $26

Our luscious Lemon Sorbet Body Cream is a real Christmas treat, giving a juicy hit of refreshing moisture. Perfect for daytime application with its light, non-greasy formula, this all-natural cream is full of uplifting aromas.

Gift Ideas for You

After all that present-buying, you deserve some TLC too! Our scrumptious skincare treats are the ultimate way to spoil yourself this Christmas ­– here’s what we recommend…

Smudge Budge Face & Eye Cleansing Balm: $35

With its fruity aromas, Smudge Budge cleansing balm is a perfect pick-me-up for irritated skin. Lusciously smooth and deeply cleansing, this superfood-packed balm will leave your skin feeling soft, fresh and calm.

Smudge Budge

Berry Beautiful Box: $99

Create your very own spa retreat at home, with our indulgent Berry Beautiful Box. Discover delicious, natural skincare products bursting with the antioxidant power of berry goodness.

  • Berry Beautiful Box Includes: Berry Buff Body Smoothie Scrub 200ml; Berry Fresh Healthy Face Cleanser 150ml; Berry Bath Drops Essential Oil Blend 15ml

*Juicy Crew Top Pick*

Bio Juice Skin Drink: $47

Nourish dehydrated skin with this antioxidant-rich, thirst-quenching skin drink. Soothing nutrients will calm redness and irritation, while rich berry hits and fruity aromas make for a delectable skin experience.

“My skin just drinks up this fruity fluid – i­t soothes and plumps my skin with dewy moisture. Bio Juice is my skin’s soulmate!” Rach, Juice Crew


Looking For Something Different?

Visit the Gift Bar to Create Your Own Gift

With the Gift Bar, you can create a beautiful customised gift containing your choice of delectable, natural beauty products! Available online or in-store, the Gift Bar allows you to build and send a personalised gift in just a few minutes, packaged in a stunning gift box.

Go For a Gift Voucher

If you’re still stuck for ideas for that special someone, why not opt for a beautifully-presented gift voucher from your local Skin Juice salon? With our wide range of natural Australian-made skincare products, your chosen recipient will be spoilt for choice! Click here to find your nearest Skin Juice salon.



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