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redness relief

We are increasingly seeing more people seeking a solution for skin sensitivity. There are so many causes of sensitivity, which can range from DNA, environmental, climate, dietary and damaging skin care choices. We have developed the REDNESS RELIEF KIT as an easy go-to for our therapists first point of call when treating a client who has reactive, rosacea, eczema, problematic or sensitive skin.

The skin is the bodies first line of defence and works on protecting it from harmful chemicals and other potential irritants getting into the deeper layers within. It’s the weakness of this barrier that is the underlying cause for sensitive skin. A weakened barrier allows irritants in or causes the skin to become easily irritated, become red or experience rashes and breakouts and can ultimately be the original cause of skin sensitivity. Clients with a weakened barrier will often complain of stinging and redness. Rebuilding the skin’s protective barrier will ensure we are able to reduce these symptoms.

If the skin’s barrier is working well, it will retain water and maintain hydration to be resilient and look plump and healthy. In order for this to happen the skin needs to contain the right amount of lipids. Otherwise the skin will look dry, dull and possibly scaly.

Once the skin has experienced a reaction or sensitivity it’s outermost layer is compromised, meaning the skin is now exposed to the potential of even more problems developing. At this point clients may reach for steroid creams to reduce the inflammation, however this will only cause extreme skin thinning and again weakening of the barrier function. This becomes a never ending cycle and a dependency for the skin.


This Redness Relief kit has been designed to rebuild the skin’s protective barrier and contains the following steps for sustainable skin health.

Keeping it simple is really important when dealing with an already stimulated skin. At this point we really want to nurture and care for the skin, especially during the cleansing process. It’s important to remove any alcohol, high pH or foaming cleanses that rob the skin’s natural moisturisers and disrupt the skin’s natural processes. Another important thing to note is to keep the water as cool as possible when cleansing as hot water can also stimulate and strip the skin’s protective oils.
SMUDGE BUDGE is the perfect cleansing oil balm as it will cleanse make-up and toxins from the skin without stripping the skin’s protective lipids. This natural plant oil and butter cleansing balm is gentle enough to be used all over the face and eyes. Nutrients rich oils from coconut, pumpkin and tomato also help dissolve congestion and are further digested by the skin to help nourish and soothe the skin. Always avoid scrubbing sensitive skin, instead use a face washer with the Smudge Budge to gently refine the skin. Once the skin has strengthened, supplementary care such as FACIAL IN A JAR and BIO JUICE can be added into the routine.

The skin naturally repairs itself at night, so this is the perfect time to work with the skin to feed and rebuild a healthy barrier. We don’t want to use emulsified face creams at night as they will coat and inhibit the skin’s natural reparative functions. Instead using complex nutrient rich oils or balms will enable the skin the freedom to work as it should.

GREEN JUICE is a multi purpose recovery balm that can also be used in place of a night cream and is the perfect barrier repair. This oil balm is 100% natural and safe enough to even be used on delicate baby skin from 4 weeks old. The oils from sunflower seed, blueberries, raspberries, pomegranates and butters contain the lipids, antioxidants and the essential fatty acids that work to help make every cell in the skin healthy.
These essential nutrients strengthen the skin’s natural healing processes, reducing inflammation, irritation and redness, while nourishing oils boost the skin’s protective lipids to smooth dryness. Green Juice will help to sedate allergic reactions and calm overstimulated, congested or reactive skin. There are so many uses for this miracle balm, some include a face and body moisturiser, lip balm or a soothing and healing balm for eczema, dermatitis or skin trauma. It’s quickly digested and absorbed by the skin in an easy-to-apply balm form.

RE JUICE is a light weight oil that contains ultra calming, hydration enhancing oils of prickly pear and kiwi fruit and is overflowing with immune boosting plant oils. Vital nutrients in ReJuice, such as anti-inflammatory chamomile, calm redness and symptoms related to rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

Step 1: Using dry hands, massage SMUDGE BUDGE onto a dry face then remove with warm water and dampened face cloth if required. This all natural, soap free cleanser won’t dry or irritate from the skin.

Step 2: To moisturise, warm a small amount of GREEN JUICE Balm in fingertips and massage onto the face. This all natural balm melts into a skin compatible oil, meaning it won’t block the skin’s natural oil flow. For extra night time nourishment, layer over Re Juice face oil, or apply in the morning as a day cream.

Important note: There is no need to cleanse in the morning as the GREEN JUICE balm has been absorbed and metabolised by the skin, meaning there aren’t any emulsifiers from a cream that need to be cleansed away. By not cleansing in the morning will help to restore the skin’s protective barrier.
Step 1: To moisturise, press 1-3 drops of RE JUICE Face Oil onto the face, neck and chest and allow to absorb naturally. This light-weight oil will enable the skin to regulate the skin’s natural oil flow.


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