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To help give you insight into Skin Juice’s values, I thought I’d take you back through the story so far.

It was 20 years ago as a beauty therapist that I discovered my need to create Skin Juice, a full range of professionally stocked natural and organic result driven skin care. I think back to when my inspiration came from studying and researching Ayurvedic medicine, Aromatherapy and Herbal Sciences, and how inspired I was from what nature had in store for me. My humble beginnings started with just me, working from a little Research and Development room where I made products for my own facial clientele.

Within my own salon our team of skin therapists were true naturalists, bare faces free of heavy make-up, bright flowing uniforms, softly running around the salon to nurture our clients, all while barefoot. Sending love through our hands was signature to us and the beautiful aromatic experiences quickly became popular amongst our community. We would treat entire family’s and their wider networks, and soon Skin Juice and my salon were simply an extension of my own personal values.

I 100% believe in authentic beauty and not traumatising the skin to change it’s appearance.

Here at Skin Juice we wont tell you that you have dry skin or wrinkles, we listen to you and educate you on how to nourish and protect your skin against drying and ageing. We believe everyone is beautiful and we work with the skin, not against it, to achieve long term sustainable results.

I created this brand new concept within the skin care industry, where ingredients were used that worked positively with the skin using essential nutrients that feed the skin in the same way as a healthy diet would feed the body. Consulting with my clients was an honor and provided me with the opportunity to empower them with a new way of thinking when it came to skin care. I felt that if I could give my clients that light bulb moment it would give them the ability to walk past pushy and often negative marketing messages without being pulled in.

I believe we should all be able to have fun with skin care, enjoying the experience of healthy skin and the products that help to maintain it. I believe in the strength of being empowered with the knowledge to make healthier skin care choices every day.

To never compromise, is our strongest value in the Skin Juice lab.

Over the years we have grown the range in size to include a full face and body range free from harmful chemicals. Our innovative and healthy  formulations have evolved over time as new performance based natural actives became available or new concepts are born. We now work with a biochemist to create our very own unique formulas and unlike a lot of skin care ranges, we don’t use pre-made bulk products that are simply re-labelled and marketed to the customer. For me, creating skin care is a true art coupled with science. Anyone who knows me will tell you how much of a true perfectionist I am when it comes to my Skin Juice babies.

Every formulation is built from an innovative idea on how the proposed product can work safely with the skin to provide each user that signature Skin Juice glow.

We meticulously research each raw material before using it, assessing the quality and purity of each nutrient rich ingredient.

I love getting creative with what nature has to offer. It’s truly like creating a meal that’s delightful for the senses while being nutritious and good for you, using natural and organic, high performance ingredients with the best quality nature has to offer.

The bright colours of Skin Juice are selected to represent the natural and organic fruits, plants and superfoods used to create each product. I feel inspired by our bright juicy packaging and believe healthy doesn’t have to be boring!

While this is fun to me, it does take perseverance and patience as a formulation takes a minimum of 12months and can often extend up to 2-3years before it’s finalised. Many formulations have been shelved before they even reach the market. I simply don’t believe in compromising. I believe there is always a way to achieve that perfect outcome.

We have recently moved to our very own custom made Skin Juice headquarters. 

Here we have our very own Juice Lab for manufacturing and production where our vision is to be completely transparent with our processes and the creation of our products. We personally handle our raw materials so we can control the outcome of each production. Having our hand on every touch point of the product journey means we can be assured of the quality and concentrates within each freshly produced batch. These Skin Juice babies will never leave our watchful eye, incubated from seed to the fruity products you all get to enjoy.

I can’t wait to share 2017’s Skin Juice creations with you all next year.

Joanne Dampney

Skin Juice Founder



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