Naturally Protect Your Skin From Winter Dryness.

Girl with fresh glowing skin in winter.

Many of us are starting to feel the chill of winter on our skin and we are seeking protection from the cold.

As the weather starts to cool down our skin will naturally become dryer and you may even begin to notice itchiness, irritation and surface flakiness.

Now is the time to up the ante on skin nourishment. This can be achieved by adding lots of skin protective plant oils and fats to our skincare regime. The skin’s barrier is supported by lipids (oils) and will prevent dehydration, irritation and redness. Here are some easy steps to ensure your skin maintains a healthy, dewy glow throughout winter.


I would never suggest you have anything but a nice warm shower in winter, however it might be helpful to understand what happens to our skin when we shower. Water is anything but hydrating on our skin, instead hot running water will flush away the protective lipids (oils) on the skin, which can lead to the skin becoming dryer, dehydrated, irritated and red. Also many of us like to use soaps and washes on the body, these types of products can also breakdown the skin’s healthy oils. I have also noticed a lot of recommendations for Castile soap lately, and while this is an all natural vegetable soap, it is very high in pH and will strip and dry the skin.

Keep the skin smooth and moisturised this winter by using a non-foaming style cream body cleanser such as Lemon Sorbet cream wash. This product is applied to dry skin before stepping into the shower, and then rinsed away. This moisturising and creamy body wash may take you by surprise as there aren’t any suds to be seen, however the skin will certainly be left feeling soft and smooth.

Follow any showering at night with an application of an ultra rich plant butter infused body cream. Moisture Manic and Mummy’s Tummy are both enriched with Shea butter and plant oils. These creams melt onto the skin to nourish and deeply moisturise.

Once a week be sure to keep the skin glowing with an all over Berry Body scrub. Apply body scrubs onto dry skin to ensure dead skin cells are polished away. Follow with a beautiful body oil such as Aqua to rehydrate and reinforce the skin’s protective lipid layer.


This is the time you may need to boost the nourishing power of your cleanser. Natural cream, oil and balm type cleansers will dissolve makeup and toxins while keeping the skin soft while strengthening it against irritation and redness.

Protect the skin during the day with a slightly richer moisturiser, heavy doesn’t always mean better. Watch out for petroleum ingredients like mineral oil and paraffin. These will only coat the skin, leaving it feeling moisturised initially but over time the skin will dehydrate and become congested.

Instead go for a natural emulsified blend of plant oils in creams like Good Juice and rich plant based balms such as Green Juice, also perfect for dry spots and eczema, and can be applied all over the face or layered over a night time face oil such as Superfood.

Once a week treat the face with a rich moisturising face mask. The Vanilla + Honey is full of creamy goodness and can even be left on the skin over night.

Professional Facial

If you’re really looking to escape the cold, book in to see one of the Skin Juice salons or spas for a Plumberry Pamper Peel. This treatment uses fruit acids and enzymes to unveil fresh, smooth and glowing skin. While it’s important not to over exfoliate the skin during winter, as this can weaken the skin’s barrier, the Plumberry facial is a beautiful treatment that will also nourish and restrengthen the skin. Be sure to call and enquire about the best Skin Juice experience for you. Go to the Skin Juice stockist page to find your closest salon.

Winter is a wonderful time to indulge in great food and nurturing skincare. Grab your self a warm blanket and hot cup of herbal tea and enjoy your weekend.




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