Your skincare, what is it telling you?

Natural skincare technology

The world of skin care can become a tad confusing, with various terms used to classify the type of skincare you are using. So what does it all mean?

Here is a short summary of the common terms you may come across when seeing skincare advertised.


This means there is nothing artificial or synthetic, free from harmful chemicals. It is 100% natural and derived completely from its original plant source. The way it is processed will determine the concentration of naturally occurring nutrients. The efficacy of natural is often overlooked, however natural ingredients are concentrated extracts of nutrients and when formulated correctly can change and/ or improve the skin.

Naturally Derived

You might have already guessed this one. This is when an ingredient comes from a natural source and has been converted into a useful form.

Certified Organic

This ingredient will be natural with a rich nutrient content, but also has been certified to prove no pesticides or solvents have been used when producing the ingredients.


This one is a little more complex. These ingredients or formulas are known as actives, and are promoted as or claim to have a drug-like effect on the skin. They are described as a combination of cosmetic and pharmaceutical. However, the term ‘cosmeceutical’ is currently only a marketing phrase and is not legally recognised or regulated. If a skincare product claims to fix or solve a problem then it will need to be registered with the therapeutic goods act (TGA). The active pharmaceutical grade ingredients used in these formulations do have efficacy testing with data to back up their claims when used at a certain %. However there is no guarantee skin care companies use them at this potency.


These are natural actives , and is the combination of nutrition and pharmaceuticals with nutrient rich properties, but again not legally recognised as a therapeutic good. This term will cover the use of macronutrients, micronutrients and nutritional supplements. Again these ingredients do have efficacy data to support their claims, however the required dosage will need to be used in any formula to be effective.


This is a less commonly used skin care term, used more in the professional beauty industry.These products claim to be able to drastically or medically improve or change the skin without a prescription. Again, this is a non-regulated classification unless they have been lodged through TGA. These products claim to use a combination of active ingredient technology with the data, however professional prescription would be required before administering skin care that claims to change the skin to this degree.

Skin Juice skincare uses the following terms,‘Natural’,‘Certified Organics’,‘naturally derived’ and ‘Nutraceutical’ when describing our ingredients and formulations, meaning they will feed the skin and provide potent concentrates of nutritive actives to repair and balance. A naturopathic approach to skincare opposed to the cosmeceutical; a cosmeceutical claims to be a drug for the skin.

Like your body, the skin shouldn’t become dependent on a drug, which should only be used in times where alternatives aren’t an option. Skin Juice is a lifestyle choice, a healthy diet for the skin working naturally with the skin to achieve safe and long-term results.

Visit one of our Skin Juice stockist to find the right skincare products for you.


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